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Celebrating Ten Years Since I was Born Again

Yes sir, yes ma’am. Ten years ago I was a lost little puppy, trying to punish God for having created me. I did everything I knew how to hurt God and hurt people, yet always had a spark of conscience to hold me back from all-out destruction. Thank the Lord Jesus for that! When He saved me, I didn’t even know it for a while. I just began to realize after some time that I was changed, my heart was new, and that I had a deep love for His Word. Around that time, I began to flourish in my creative thinking.

For years my mind had been suppressed by my sinful “freedoms” I was exercising. As the veil of death and darkness lifted, I began to write a lot of poetry and dream journaling. Much of it was unsophisticated and charmless, but some of it is actually very meaningful to me. In celebration of ten years of true life in Christ Jesus, I will share with you a little bit of the writing I did at that time. I’ll post these memoirs at least a couple times in the near future.

In honor of the Holy Spirit of God who saved me by giving me new life in the Son of God…

Agnes Holloway

She saw angels…

I believed her when I looked into her eyes,

All the neighbors told me to skip her door:

A crisp baby blue cottage with cream trim…

She must’ve been over a century’s hill.

There upon autumn’s eve, revelation and the tide of wisdom rose.

5/3/2003 by Justin Esposito

Deep Exploration

I’ve had no difficulty finding new trap doors,

Only half finished painting the walls,

And a new depth for which I stride…

5/3/2003 by Justin Esposito

Some haikus in honor of the glorious predator:

Northern Goshawk

Claws of fury flash

Red eyes gleam intelligence

Ceasing rabbit’s life


Magnificent bird

Cut the air and spy the field

Rodents cringe with fear

Swoop like lightning strikes

Razor claws dig into flesh

Goshawk reigns above

Sun darkened by wings

Look up, oh critters of earth

Demise from the skies

Brown speckled feathers

Handsome hawk your wings spread wide

Your perch, sacred space

Her hunting scream heard

Her razor talons flexing

Her humor is death

Why do the winds blow?

How high can the white sky flow?

Yes, the goshawk knows

4/2003 by Justin Esposito

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Designed to Interpret the Cosmos

Let’s interpret the cosmos. We’ll look through our telescopes into the vast reaches of space and do some exploring. Let’s draw some conclusions from the visible jewel box above and around us. How about we become children again, and allow the nature of the soul within us to begin to bubble with joy at the sight of BIG things. Let’s interpret the world around us, and do our best to make sense of it using the best tools available.

First of all, what’s the reason for interpreting the cosmos? The answer is in the question: because we have reason. Us human beings aren’t like the beasts who see the world but cannot interpret what they see – we have that unique, divine spark which causes self-awareness, wonder, and the desire to worship someone or something. We have reasoning, but when the animals look around at their world, they think “hungry-eat,” or “urge-mate,” or even “seek community,” but they don’t ask questions about their origin (Kung-Fu Panda aside).


Yet it is we humans who automatically do the work of reasoning when we look out into space, around our planet, or at each other. We don’t have to be but a few years old to begin wondering about who put the sun, moon, stars, or our family in place. Why? David well noted in Psalm 19:1

“The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims his handiwork.” (ESV)

That’s why. The New Adam Translation reads it: “The universe screams out loud the magnificent genius of God, and the entire cosmos preaches his brilliant design.” It is the same God who painted the universe with endless mystery and enormity who also designed our brain to take it in, but more importantly, our heart which beats to His rhythm. We cannot look into the mind-bending glory of a neighboring galaxy without the echo of worship in the chambers of our heart.

In short, we are bound to interpret the cosmos. We are built to believe in something and someone bigger and more ancient than ourselves. We are designed to understand that something, or someone had to have been “there” before everything else was. My delight and joy – my favorite hobby is to stoke that God-breathed imagination in each of you, and to join you in the resultant exultation of the Creator as we discover facets of His wisdom whose depths reach into the light enveloped eternity in which only infinite Being may stand.

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