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Ron Paul’s Farewell Speech: A Serious Warning

Dr. Ron Paul is retiring from the U.S. Congress after a career spanning 36 years. The unique thing about him is that he didn’t become a power-mad, money-hungry monster of a human being – and to his last days in government is issuing a clarion call to us, the people, that we are losing our country. Whether or not you agree with the man’s policies, you have to respect his honesty and lifetime of faithful service to the country. Watch this speech. The whole thing. With family. Possibly twice or five times. Understand what he’s saying. Start facing what has happened to our nation, and be ready for big changes. The coming decades will be a time of strong testing for the American nation, and for those of us who are concerned with interpreting the cosmos; having a worldview which reflects truth… we cannot pretend these things are not happening. We must pray to the Lord of the universe, we’ve got to seek Him and ask His forgiveness…. It’s time to be brave and to speak boldly in the public square for truth and justice.

May God help us.


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