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Remember Us? One Breath Prayer Reminder

(From time to time I write “One Breath” posts that can be said in, well… one big breath).

Remember us? Remember how the world noticed us for 10 media minutes? Please pray for us again.

1) Haiti

2) Newtown, CT

3) Syria (civil war – Christians being wiped out)

4) Nigeria (civil war – Christians being targeted for slaughter)

Don’t let the media’s attention be what governs yours, my friends.

Thanks for considering,


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One Breath Prayer for Christ’s return

Precious King Jesus, we desire to see You – please return soon to claim Your people, Your cosmos, and Your glory from the jaws of Satan. Amen


May the way you live your weekend be a blessing and a light to those around you, and may God pour out His treasures of grace on your head as you live, move, and have your being.

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One Breath Prayer for a Saturday Morn

“We bless thee our Creator Preserver Benefactor Teacher for opening to us the volume of nature where we may read and consider thy works.”

Valley of Vision


I hope your Saturday is filled with the lightness of joy no matter what circumstances you encounter. Gratitude is the helium for that balloon.



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