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How Should we then Live? part 10: Final Choices

When this was filmed and released, it was 1977. As you watch this most important episode, think about how accurate Dr. Schaeffer was in his predictions about the future. Perhaps you may also find something he says to have been inaccurate–watch for that too, but all in all, I recommend you listen very carefully, receive the interpretation of the world which he gives, and allow your mind and heart to be shaped by the same Spirit who moved in Dr. Schaeffer. I believe if any of you have the Holy Spirit, you will not be able to blithely dismiss this dire warning, or for that matter, dismiss the hope which is held out towards the end of the episode.

I would call your attention to a very interesting detail in this video: out of the 10 episodes, it is the only one in which Dr. Schaeffer cracks a smile. Watch for it, and notice what it is that brings this smile to his face. We ought to be grateful for God’s grace given to this brother, and for his work in worldview, philosophy, and ethics. I have benefited greatly in studying his work– and this blog is in part a product of men like Dr. Schaeffer’s passion in this world.


Grace and peace in Jesus Christ!

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How Should we then Live? part 4: The Reformation

Happy Interpreting–the Protestant Reformation by Francis Schaeffer.

Parts 1 here, 2 here, and 3 here.



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How Should we then Live? part 3: The Renaissance

Dr. Francis Schaeffer continues to guide us through the past in order to interpret the present and future of western civilization. Let’s take a walk through some of the highlights of the Renaissance to see if we can learn anything useful for our present day lives. I guarantee we can, if you’ll listen.

The other videos I’ve posted are available here:

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And today’s videos:

Part 1/2


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How Should we then Live part 2: The Middle Ages

The supreme 20th century Interpreter of the cosmos, Dr. Schaeffer draws together a brief overview of western civilization to illustrate the leap from reason to non-reason, civilization to chaos, and faith to despair. Still absolutely relevant, over 35 years later.

Part 1, “The Roman Age” can be seen here.

Part 2: “The Middle Ages” highlights the departure of Christianity from organic, biblical roots and practice into institutionalized, political Christendom, as well as the general improvement of western life throughout medieval times.


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Francis Schaeffer Video: How Should we then Live? part 1: The Roman Age

Dr. Francis Schaeffer (30 January 1912 – 15 May 1984) was a man of profound insight. He was the Interpreter of the Cosmos for the 20th century. He is an inspiration to me in my dim echo of his work as I attempt to interpret this world and universe. Please make yourself comfortable, get yourself a snack and a drink, and watch part 1, The Roman Age, of his still-relevant documentary “How Should we then Live?” I’ll be posting the rest of the series in the coming days.

No, really, watch it. Many blessings to you all in Christ Jesus.


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