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Interpreting Seminary Work Lately

Hello friends! Recently I’ve had the longest break since it began from writing on this blog. I began seminary courses recently, and the work load is deliciously heavy. I am living out a dream the Lord has put in my heart, and it has been a whirlwind so far.
I’m just posting this in order to communicate that I have not stopped interpreting the cosmos – I just haven’t figured out the right rhythm for everything just yet. I plan on slowly returning to this beloved project of mine over the course of time. Meanwhile, I just want to thank everyone who has supported this work – people from almost 50 countries have visited this year, which is a blessing beyond my expectation.
I do hope and pray that something on this site will lead to the revelation of the gospel of Christ Jesus to someone who previously walked in darkness. Pray for me if you think of it 🙂
Thanks for reading,


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Memorial Day Gratitude: One Breath

Thank You, Lord God, for the graces You’ve poured on our country. We remember that countless men and women have laid down their lives to never see the blessings they’ve helped secure – dimly picturing the unique, selfless sacrifice of Christ.

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I’m Off to Grand Cayman

From time to time every restless child of wonder has to get to a different spot on the planet, since we can’t really leave it very easily. I’ll be on Grand Cayman for a while, no new posts for a bit, soaking in the sun and sand and all that 🙂

When I return, I’ll have some great stuff to share with you all. Until then, be grateful you live on wonder-planet under the sun of Wonder-God. He is good.

Nos Vemos,


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One Breath Prayer for a Saturday Morn

“We bless thee our Creator Preserver Benefactor Teacher for opening to us the volume of nature where we may read and consider thy works.”

Valley of Vision


I hope your Saturday is filled with the lightness of joy no matter what circumstances you encounter. Gratitude is the helium for that balloon.



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