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R.C. Sproul Jr. on the Death of his Daughter Shannon

As I’ve been following the events in this brother’s life since Shannon passed in early October, I’ve watched the glorious power of Christ at work to hold him up and keep his faith and trust in God. In this video of his preaching Shannon’s memorial service, the peace and hope in Jesus that brother Sproul possesses is open and visible. You would do well to watch this.

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Cherishing the Disabled

Thinking about disability and the Church – how are we doing at including the disabled and their families? Are we welcoming and excited to see them come in? I do hope so – God gives gifts in things that are hard to go through, and if any of us is honest, making friends with and living with someone who is disabled is a major investment of emotion and energy. The reward comes with difficulty. Yet even in thinking about our own “reward” we are being un-Christlike and self-centered. Let’s think about the good of others before ourselves! Let’s look at the love of Jesus for the least and the hurting, and follow Him.

Please do READ THIS perspective of a daddy raising a severely disabled son. Helps to remember that God wills there to be disabled people in our world so as to anchor us deeply into dependence on Him, and lack of affection for materialistic trifles.

I think the fact that in the US the majority of Down’s Syndrome children are executed for their disability is one of the greatest indications of our idolatrous hearts. Judgment is not on the way, it is here… but in the midst of the present darkness, God preserves goodness in our world by granting to His people a desire to respect all human life, and to practice charity towards those who cannot repay.

“…and you shall love your neighbor as yourself.”

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