Interpreting what?

In the original Greek of the New Testament, the word κοσμος (cosmos) is used numerous times and with different meanings in different contexts. One central theme does emerge, however: God is intensely interested in what is happening in His created order, the cosmos. The focus of everything God has ever done outside of Himself is tied into the purpose and plan He has for this universe. The earth itself is the showpiece and center of His works – and look at the wonder around you. If you peel back the humdrum tiredness of your eyes to look afresh at the world and universe around and within you, I think you will find many reasons to celebrate and give thanks. We live in wonderland.

My goal in writing for you is to be a telescopic lens through which you look to see things which maybe you knew were there, but never saw in up-close brilliance and beauty. Come, let’s look together at this wonderful cosmos, and let’s interpret the whos, whats, whys, and hows of it all.

Why Interpret the World?

It seems to me that humanity is made to explore, discover, and interpret the world. The problem that gets in our way is that we rely on bad equipment to do this work. When you’ve got a bad compass, you might sail off the edge of the world.

Because the cosmos is built with order, cause and effect, and meaning, when we search out truth, we find life and peace in the Source. God is love, He is good, and He loved the world (cosmos in Greek) so that He gave His unique Son Jesus as a sacrifice for human sin so that whoever believes in Him is forgiven of sin and has eternal life with God. Why would anyone reject this?

Bad equipment. Sin has screwed up our thinking and perception, and left us adrift with broken equipment. We reject God’s godhood and prefer our own sovereignty.

My job, as a person who has been restored by the mercy of God, is to interpret the cosmos through the lens of the Bible (God’s unique, specific, perfect revelation of Himself). When we look through the Bible and interpret our world, there comes light and hope into the dark places of humanity – people can be saved from death by seeing their only hope in Jesus Christ.

You’ve got to know the problem in order to see the need for the solution.

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