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To the Christian Looking for Purpose: One Breath of Advice

From time to time I post a “One Breath” thingamajig – something that could be spoken in… well, one breath. Here’s one just now.

Looking for that Purpose that God Gave You?

Maybe it’s time to stop playing the mystic, looking for a way to be the next “world-changer” with “purpose-driven faith” – and love that wife of yours, hug those kids, and embrace the “little” things in life that hold the world together.

Just maybe?

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Remember Us? One Breath Prayer Reminder

(From time to time I write “One Breath” posts that can be said in, well… one big breath).

Remember us? Remember how the world noticed us for 10 media minutes? Please pray for us again.

1) Haiti

2) Newtown, CT

3) Syria (civil war – Christians being wiped out)

4) Nigeria (civil war – Christians being targeted for slaughter)

Don’t let the media’s attention be what governs yours, my friends.

Thanks for considering,


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Poem: Third Season

When yet again lady Persephone has neared the mouth of Hades

All, through which vital energies of grace have flowed

Blooms vibrant in the ceremony of crimson demise

And what appears when looking upward to be

Marvels of metamorphosing majesty

Is shown to be absent from the eye of blood-red Mars

Who sees a star of azure, and lusts for further war.



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Answered in One Breath: Why Can’t we All Get Along?

Rodney King famously asked the question, and everyone in the world is trying to answer it. The reality is that we are born at war with our Creator, and that war spills over into our relationships. The solution? Love. The Person? Jesus – but many of you don’t believe that. As you were.

Thanks for reading,


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Said in One Breath: Hunger Games is Us

We are the Capitol people, we are the brightly decorated Romans, we are the euphoric bloodlusters… we love to see each other punished. What a shame.


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Said in One Breath: Religious Pride is the Worst

Wouldn’t you rather have to deal with an angry alcoholic IRS agent as a neighbor rather than a well-dressed, coiffed, slick religious leader who kills people with lies and hypocrisy? Jesus did.

Don’t be a religious punk.

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Memorial Day Gratitude: One Breath

Thank You, Lord God, for the graces You’ve poured on our country. We remember that countless men and women have laid down their lives to never see the blessings they’ve helped secure – dimly picturing the unique, selfless sacrifice of Christ.

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One (Big) Breath to be Stunned by the Scope of the Cosmos

Between 100 and 400 billion stars in just our little galaxy… which is one galaxy among perhaps 500 billion or more galaxies, each containing hundreds of billions of stars.

It’s safe to say: God is showing off… and shouldn’t He?

And [Jesus] is the radiance of [God’s] glory and the exact representation of [God’s] nature, and upholds all things by the word of His (Jesus’) power. Hebrews 1:3a

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One Breath of Celebration – Jesus Lives!

Unique in Your life now of 2,000 years, with a 3 day interruption by death – when you took death by the head, and smashed its brains out, and rose from the grave, Your people now shout…


Jesus lives and so shall we…

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One Breath of Hope in Death

Like your first time downhill skiing without knowing how to stop, you fly towards death – yet there stands the great God and Savior with nail-pierced hands. Even a crash is safe when Jesus waits for you at the end.

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