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Folded into the Cosmic Blanket: Poem

Where you going? she chirps from the kitchen.

Out for a walk. Want to come? We strap on our sneaks…

The inside walls of our home have grown stale, set,

Like slightly lemon Jello with pieces of fruit stuck inside,

Mouthing horror in their paralyzed, lemony static… yet

The walls outside go for a few billion light years, and we haven’t seen them all yet.

Maybe the outside walls just curve around eternally back to the center, like a big

Little doughnut: packed with sugar, fat, jelly, quasars, nebulae – delicious

Outer-space loveliness overblanketing our broad, echo-less planet.

We’re looking up as we walk out of town, into the verdant chest of America’s farmland,

Seeing the way the mesmerizing moonlight strokes gently the navel of the valley below.

We catch, or are maybe caught by the edge of a cornfield:

The low, early ears listen with us to the diamond box, booming from above –

As some raccoon-wizard stops to wonder at the bi-ped monsters tromping through his territory.

The second book of Revelation, written first, lays open around us; we’re in it, we’re a chapter of it, we’re reading ourselves and reading you as you read us, and the cosmos burns brightly as a sun…

Melting the Jello in the fridge back home.

Credit: Eric Hines from Universe Today

Credit: Eric Hines from Universe Today


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Magnificent Song and Video: Diem Ex Dei

This is one of my favorite orchestral performances I’ve ever seen, and the song is about Christ. It is by Globus, and called “Diem Ex Dei.” The song is especially worth watching from 2:21 onward. See my rough translation beneath the video (credit to Rev. Jonathan Fisk for the outline of the ideas there).

The Latin is not perfect, but the idea is this:

Umbra Dextras (In the shadow of His hands)

Umbra Crucis (In the shadow of His cross)

Umbra Deus (In the shadow of God)

Lucius Dei (Light of God!)

Fide Sponsa (Faith in His gift)

Fides per Dei (Faith through God)

Missaes Canta (Masses sung)

Mistraes Lingua (Mysterious Word!)

Ave Vitae (Hail! He lives)

Rex Promissa (King of Promise)

Ave Vitae (Hail! He lives)

Rex Veritas (King of Truth)

Missaes Magnus (Magnificent Mass)

Fides en Dei (Faith in God)

Christus Laudamus (Highest praises to Christ!)

Mistraes in God (You can guess)

Magnificent mass! Faith in God! Highest praises to Christ! Mysterious Word!

Yes, indeed! Thanks for watching,


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Interpreting the Cosmos Turns 1

It has been a thrill to begin blogging, and to see thousands of people from almost 80 different countries visit here over my first year. I know I am nowhere near a “big” voice on these here interwebs, but as I write, I pray that I am reaching someone, or someones who desperately need to tune into a passionate Christian voice. God has blessed this endeavor, and I hope you have experienced that with me in some way. Thanks to my subscribers and loyal readers for joining with me in this project. Please come back often to share your thoughts with me, and may God richly bless you in 2013.

Here are my 10 personal favorite posts from 2012 (hard to pick!). Please read them and share with someone who may be benefited by my writings. Grace to y’all!


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Celebrating Ten Years Since I was Born Again

Yes sir, yes ma’am. Ten years ago I was a lost little puppy, trying to punish God for having created me. I did everything I knew how to hurt God and hurt people, yet always had a spark of conscience to hold me back from all-out destruction. Thank the Lord Jesus for that! When He saved me, I didn’t even know it for a while. I just began to realize after some time that I was changed, my heart was new, and that I had a deep love for His Word. Around that time, I began to flourish in my creative thinking.

For years my mind had been suppressed by my sinful “freedoms” I was exercising. As the veil of death and darkness lifted, I began to write a lot of poetry and dream journaling. Much of it was unsophisticated and charmless, but some of it is actually very meaningful to me. In celebration of ten years of true life in Christ Jesus, I will share with you a little bit of the writing I did at that time. I’ll post these memoirs at least a couple times in the near future.

In honor of the Holy Spirit of God who saved me by giving me new life in the Son of God…

Agnes Holloway

She saw angels…

I believed her when I looked into her eyes,

All the neighbors told me to skip her door:

A crisp baby blue cottage with cream trim…

She must’ve been over a century’s hill.

There upon autumn’s eve, revelation and the tide of wisdom rose.

5/3/2003 by Justin Esposito

Deep Exploration

I’ve had no difficulty finding new trap doors,

Only half finished painting the walls,

And a new depth for which I stride…

5/3/2003 by Justin Esposito

Some haikus in honor of the glorious predator:

Northern Goshawk

Claws of fury flash

Red eyes gleam intelligence

Ceasing rabbit’s life


Magnificent bird

Cut the air and spy the field

Rodents cringe with fear

Swoop like lightning strikes

Razor claws dig into flesh

Goshawk reigns above

Sun darkened by wings

Look up, oh critters of earth

Demise from the skies

Brown speckled feathers

Handsome hawk your wings spread wide

Your perch, sacred space

Her hunting scream heard

Her razor talons flexing

Her humor is death

Why do the winds blow?

How high can the white sky flow?

Yes, the goshawk knows

4/2003 by Justin Esposito

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It’s the End, Again

Harold Camping’s ancestors in ancient middle America were known to have not only developed super-accurate, cool-looking calendars; they also invented bath salts. No, not the kind that makes people eat other people’s faces. Although the Mayans did practice some pretty violent stuff…

But that’s neither here nor there. The point is, the Mayans had a chief named Gargamel, and Gargamel was not very good at math or science, but early in his high school studies his teachers noticed that he had other talents… and so pointed him to a career counselor to help him shape his future.

After many years of honing his skills, old G (as they called him) was able to accurately predict far into the future to calculate at what point in history the world would become most vulnerable and excitable to stupid, drunken prophecy. Gargamel did not have much luck hunting down the little blue people he always wished to taste, but the Lamanites were always a bit sneaky, erm… don’t google that…

So, where were we? Ah yes, so Gargamel looked into his polished golden mirror and saw such things as “fiscal cliff” cross stars with sweeping haired Canadian boy pop stars, “pigskin” holy-days, and of course, his distant descendant Harold, who fooled millions of atheists into thinking there was a god. And so Gargamel coordinated with the calendar committee, working tirelessly to build it just the right size. They had a knee-slappin’ good time, did some human-sacrifice, and left the calendar sitting on the calendar committee work bench, and all went out to What-a-Burger for lunch.

Only Known Photograph of Gargamel, in his early years.

Only Known Photograph of Gargamel, in his early years.

Sadly, Gargamel and the calendar committee were right. Their cruel hoax has indeed ensnared millions, as their timing was uncanny. Already I’ve read of someone leaping to their death as the apocalypse draweth nigh (again). Unfortunately for all their wiles, the Mayans were a bit careless themselves and were wiped out by a strange obsession with “watching shows” as they were called, in the form of live-action drama depictions they called “Survivor”.

Well, it took me years of research; blood, sweat, and beers to dig all that up. I hope you will spread this needed information across all the interwebs of your life.

Dedicated To the Romans!


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Pause and Listen: Jim Croce – I Got a Name (1973)

When you live in a society that grinds the soul by constant, frenetic activity, it’s good to hit the brakes for a few moments here and there. Let me give you a reason to stop and listen: here is the gentle, pleasant sound of Jim Croce.

This song, I believe, is the epitome of the simple, somewhat innocent folk music of the 1960’s-70’s. I grew up shuffling through my dad’s collection of vinyl, occasionally coming across golden tunes like these. Here is yet another glimpse into the human being magnifying the Creator through our creation and expression of harmony, rhythm, and emotion. Enjoy.

Jim Croce, b. 1943 – d. 1973

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Poem: November Joys

When sugar blooms dark red cider

Hot in the pot

Mulling spices to chase away

The giant blue winter who is growing southward

We hear his distant groans growing


And closer we join under the cover of early dark

So hope love faith may be mingled

With the cracking snaps of the radiant blaze

The power of country market fry cakes at 10:00 pm.



Thanks for reading,


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Poem: Third Season

When yet again lady Persephone has neared the mouth of Hades

All, through which vital energies of grace have flowed

Blooms vibrant in the ceremony of crimson demise

And what appears when looking upward to be

Marvels of metamorphosing majesty

Is shown to be absent from the eye of blood-red Mars

Who sees a star of azure, and lusts for further war.



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Music for the Soul’s Delight

Presbyterianism for the 21st Century

“Music is the handmaiden of theology,” said Martin Luther, and theology is the key to the cosmos (says me). We ought to deeply enjoy good music with our whole mind and heart-we ought to seek out and promote the music of men and women who have a true gift. As some of you know, I haven’t been shy about my enjoyment of secular, even dark music like the Doors, but when it comes to fresh, talented, and richly theological music, there is no comparison.

Through Hymn is like a Thanksgiving dinner for the mind and heart-like a lyrically luscious foray into a seminary classroom. Even if you are not a fan of hip hop, you will find yourself maximally edified in hearing this album. Seriously. There’s even an accapella harmony piece which will make you want to stand to your feet and worship:

Please listen to these free tracks from this talented brother, and support him with a purchase if able. Soli Deo Gloria!

Thanks for reading,


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Poem: Hemlock Lake

My feet like a trunk – solid, rooted, weighty.

Stillness to the south. Silver flashes below the surface.

Just a touch of wind to shift the strands of hair

Over my easy brow

Like a canopy of oak leaves just after they’ve turned for autumn.

No need to move now. The silence is swarming, health is abounding…

This old tree of me, rough-grown

Over years in Valhalla-esque green serenity.

Hemlock’s waters feed me.

God’s finger-shaped puddle.

Chemical clarity, H2O purity, potable consistency

Even in 2012.

Shielded from filth

Like 4 year-old Bobby is from knowing Mommy and Dad are Santa’s hands…


It’s not consistent for those who follow Christ to abuse the earth and/or support people who would do so. It’s hypocrisy to be careless about the creation while being care-full about the Creator.

Don’t we all want to hand our children and grandchildren a lovely place to live and raise families?

As Christians, we ought to recognize that when we care for the earth, we are reflecting the character of God in whose image we are made. We are to subdue the earth, yes, but of course that means we are to use it for our benefit – never to abuse it.

Don’t let socialists and liberals steal our mantle of being environmentalists. It is hypocrisy to love Jesus and yet waste the good gifts He has given us in nature.

We, the followers of Christ Jesus (who created every beautiful atom and molecule), ought to celebrate the earth, preserve its beauty and purity, and oppose anyone who would sully it by greed and indifference.

After all, those of us who belong to Jesus and have been granted meekness… “will inherit the earth.” Let’s set the example of being good stewards of the planet.

Thanks for reading,


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