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My name is J. Adam Kane, (Justin or Adam: I went by Justin in many older posts), and you’ve found the place where I like to publicly think about our world and humanity. This blog is a snapshot of my musings from theology through political and sociological topics. I was most active here from 2012-2013, but am still likely to post here and there. I am always around to respond to comments.


I grew up in Buffalo, New York and have traveled to almost all of the United States (currently 46 out of 50), as well as a few other amazing places. I’ve been utterly blessed in too many ways to measure.

I’m a grateful husband, and a Master of Theology graduate 2015, Northeastern Seminary.

I was born with a powerful sense of wonder and joy in life, and I love sharing it. Interpreting the Cosmos is not necessarily a scholarly forum – I’m sort of shooting from the hip as an observer and as one filled with wonder…

And this is a place where the Gospel truths of Jesus Christ are foundational to everything written.

Please, take a little time and actually read my posts – and leave me a comment. I write in public because I love humanity, I believe there is true hope for us as a race to fulfill our purpose and ultimately experience perfect joy (we were created to find pleasure).

This blog is one little way I try to share with you in observing the wide spectrum of reality that we are stuck with. Let’s explore the cosmos together!

No one will be picked on for disagreeing with me 🙂 The only thing I will moderate and block is disrespectful or excessively profane language.

Wanted: The Truth

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