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Smiling with an Axe in Hand

How did we get here? How did the West turn into a self-immolating nut house? Simply put, we’re all believers in the god of progress. We’d prefer to perfect ourselves rather than to admit we’re terminally broken and unfixable. We’re all born Progressives, born with pride poisoning our reasoning. We know we did not make ourselves, yet we would be the experts on our own perfection.

Progressivism is the insistence that we march forward, trampling those who are weaker, grinding into the earth the memory of a Christian gospel for hell-bound sinners, and marching as hard and fast as possible… to an unknown, unlocatable destination. Think Star Trek here: no god but humanity, no goal but progress, no future but death—but by all means, we must progress as fast as possible!

Progressivism sees the perfection of man just over the horizon (Rousseau, Voltaire et al – via the Enlightenment). If only we can enact just the right policies, prescribe just the right medications, and fill our lives with just enough information, then, oh yes… THEN we will have a perfect society. To the Progressive mind, “there is no original perversity in the human heart” (J.J. Rousseau, Émile, ou De l’education/Édition 1852/Livre II). There is no excuse, therefore, for our continued imperfection.

In 1789 the French rose up and cut the throat of their king in their Revolution. If we look a bit closer, donning the theologian’s spectacles, we see them reaching a bit higher than the human king, feeling around with bloody fingers for the throat of that old Semitic deity who had made Himself at home in the hamlets of Europe for so long.

Yes, the fruit of the perfectionism of Progressivism is a frenzied impatience with human imperfection, and an outright denial of the nature and effects of sin. If the king protects the Church, and the Church speaks of our terminal brokenness in sin, then we must kill the King of France, and then move on to the Church.

The Progressive is therefore an eternal optimist wielding an axe. He knows that it is you, the unenlightened religionist, who is lying in the way of his utopian plans, and so he knows you must be minimized and/or executed.

Welcome to America, 2016, or rather, 1789 France with iPhones and the NFL. The political right is a stale, crumbled biscuit under the boot of the progressivist left. Our conservative forefathers were actually Progressives with a touch of nostalgia, and so we’ve lost the culture, we have lost the right to speak freely and without fear of reprisal, and we’re being marginalized in every area of life, public and private. Public intellectuals are openly calling for ostracizing of conservatives and moral traditionalists, and we have almost no representation in the halls of power.

And just for a moment, let’s really call this what it is. The Progressive has not changed his stripes from the burning of the Bastille until now: every form of God-given authority must be guillotined and then replaced with the machinery of total control. The human being is not an image-bearer of God who holds intrinsic worth, but rather an automaton needing correct programming and governance.

The Progressive left is achieving this using the tools of visual propaganda (media and the film industry especially), higher indoctrination, erm…education, emotionalism (critical thinking hasn’t been taught in American public ed for decades), perpetual victimhood, identity politics (tribalism), hedonism, appealing to our sin nature of greed, envy, and jealous rage. They are now fighting explicitly to replace the old white cultural dominance in the West (a flawed yet proper dominance) with an irrational, multicolored non-culture, which is to say, cultureless culture—the left’s goal is to always devour the fruits of long cultural growth and to deconstruct authority for the sake of animal passions; the ultimate goal, though somewhat unseen by the well-meaning pawns of the left, is the freedom to seize, consume, rape, and murder without so much as a pang of guilt, let alone an enforcement of the law from outside the individual.

The Progressive, as he is winning, forgets his higher pretentions as he feasts on the carcasses.

The goal, in other words, is to put God to death in every person—to finally reach His throat with our little knives—or even better, to pull Him down here so we can put Him to an open execution. Like on a crucifixion stake or something.

What would be the hope here? Of course as it always is, our hope is that the Church would be the Church. Too bad in America and Europe the churches have long ago adopted the assumptions, ideology, and posture of the Progressive. Even many of our best public theologians are mired in contradiction between doctrine and life, causing the last of our influence to burn away like tissue paper in a bonfire.

I’ll leave off here. I’m too angry to spell this out any further.


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