Christianity as the True Worldview pt. 1

Allow me to Defend Christianity

Many times I hear folks dismiss the Bible as an accurate record of history because the Old Testament stories are too far-fetched. What rational person in 2013 believes that God created this entire universe in six days?

For one, I do. I believe that Genesis is all true, very true. I believe a donkey talked in the book of Numbers. I believe Moses really wrote the body of the first five books of the Bible, and that the sun stood still while Joshua led the Israelites into battle, and on and on. And my I.Q. is well over 100 – I’ve been tested a number of times since a boy.

What gives? I was a biology major for my first 2 1/2 years in college, taking plenty of chemistry, genetics, evolutionary theory, and math. I have a degree in English and creative writing, and I have an extensive library in my home. I’m working through a Master’s degree in Theology. I’ve traveled much more than the average person, and I understand at least three languages on a functional level, with reading comprehension in more.

What’s up with me? Many atheists tend to get huffy and rude, making light of anyone who believes in an inerrant Bible (and I can understand why – 9/10 Christians in the West seem to be about as able to argue their beliefs as an elephant is able to compose a symphony, leaving themselves wide-open to ridicule and scorn).

Yet there are many of us who are nobody’s fool. I believe in the full inspiration of every word of the Bible – nothing false or incorrect, and I am happy to argue for it.

Simple but not Easy

Being smart about consistencyyour faith does not mean being complicated. The simple fact is that without God we cannot know anything. The Christian worldview is the only way of looking at our world that is fully consistent. That is your mark of truth. Ultimate truth.

That doesn’t mean people will agree or recognize the consistency of the Christian worldview. There are major obstacles in the way:

  1. Every person conceived is fallen in the sin of Adam and Eve, and therefore their rationality is skewed. We can’t think straight. We won’t think straight, for as we do, our knowledge leads us right to the God against whom we have sinned. The Bible tells us that no one (outside of the work of the Holy Spirit) seeks for God, no not one. This means that every form of worldview that does not start and conclude with the God of the Bible is a demonstration of futile rebellion. We strive to escape the sovereignty of the God we all know, and our religions, philosophies, and educations are our main tools to do so.
  2. Christians are poorly equipped and educated. Many times I float around the internet looking at how Christians are arguing for the faith. It is a miracle anyone is a Christian who has ever seen the internet. The majority of the Christian voice out here is totally silly – plagued with straw-man arguments, baseless assertions, logical fallacies, and worse. This is not a failure of Christianity to be able to stand as the consistent explanation of all things – it is a failure of her adherents to know what they believe and why they believe it.
  3. Most of the Western world’s Christianity is a misrepresentation of the faith and thinking of the historical church. As I often do, I lay the lion’s share of the blame squarely on the shoulders of the anti-intellectual carnival barkers passing for pastors and theologians. Men and women within the church are far more destructive to the Christian message than anyone outside of it: Ed Young Jr. the 50+ screecher trying so hard to be 25, Joyce Meyer, T.D. Jakes, Benny Hinn, Peter Lumpkins, Brian McLaren, Rob Bell, Ergun Caner and on and on it goes. We are absolutely outshouted by heresy, idiocy, prosperity hawking, and general provincialism. It’s no wonder we’re a joke to so many.

And there are even more obstacles. Christian truth is generally buried beneath a mountain of cultural trash in the church. Yet by God’s grace, there are many of us who still stand. We don’t have all points agreement on all things, but the best of Presbyterianism, Lutheranism, and Baptist Protestantism are still producing women and men who know how to defend the faith and worldview of Christ’s religion.

Next time I post, I’ll delve into the arguments for the Christian worldview. Keep in mind, I’m not a philosopher by trade; there are many others who do a better, more thorough job of defending Christianity. Yet as I do my best to explain our religion in all its glory, I provide another committed voice to the equation, showing that the words of Jesus are ever true: “…I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it…” (Matt. 16:18b).

Until next time,


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6 thoughts on “Christianity as the True Worldview pt. 1

  1. stan schmunk

    Be careful about touting your intelligence. By a long shot the largest number of Christians have been poor and even illiterate. I’m not ready to condemn them for not having as high an IQ as you or I do, accepting that yours might be 10-20 points higher than mine ;>) The great thing about the Gospel is that it shows first in the face and in the character. But in some ways you’re right about the American church. Having been a pastor I understand the pressure to produce. It drives them to be relevant, personable, contemporary, entertaining, etc. I’ve watched faces in the pews and wanted to scream at them, ‘Wake up and listen to me!!’ But all this is predicted in the Scriptures and sad as it seems it’s only going to get worse, much worse.

    Just remember 1 Corinthians before going after the saints;>)

  2. Intelligence is only worth the cargo it bears, and I pray that mine is filled with submission to Christ and His gospel. You’ll notice the point I was making had to do with the fact that I am not stupid, even though the culture would stereotype me as such for believing in the historical inerrancy of the Bible.

  3. stan schmunk

    I notice that you included Lumpkins and Caner with the others. When is White going to let this stuff go? (John 21:22) I notice, too, that when Paul listed all of his accomplishments he said he counted them all as s–t compared to knowing Christ. This is not a criticism as I understand your point and purpose and agree with it.

    • Let what go? Ergun Caner’s unrepented lies that have shamed Christ in front of the Muslim world? The cadre of evangelicals who have covered for him and shamed the name of Christ in front of America? Ergun Caner, I would bet my life on the truth of this, has been one of the greatest enemies of Christ in America in the 21st century so far. One of Satan’s greatest achievements.

      And Lumpkins… Another liar and fraud. Unable to hear a word from Christians who plead with him for sensible dialogue and teachability.

      Both are unrepentant public disgraces rivaling the prosperity heretics in damage to the Church.

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  5. That’s the best answer by far! Thanks for coirnnbutitg.

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