Top 10 Reasons Our Kids Leave Church

I was one of these kids, and my siblings as well. I personally wish nothing but extinction upon the “cool, relevant” American entertainment church.


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We all know them, the kids who were raised in church. They were stars of the youth group. They maybe even sang in the praise band or led worship. And then… they graduate from High School and they leave church. What happened?

It seems to happen so often that I wanted to do some digging; To talk to these kids and get some honest answers. I work in a major college town with a large number of 20-somethings. Nearly all of them were raised in very typical evangelical churches. Nearly all of them have left the church with no intention of returning. I spend a lot of time with them and it takes very little to get them to vent, and I’m happy to listen. So, after lots of hours spent in coffee shops and after buying a few lunches, here are the most common thoughts taken from dozens of…

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One thought on “Top 10 Reasons Our Kids Leave Church

  1. I agree, this Modern entertainment centered church is horrible. but the church can be very relevant without dulling down the gospel. i find the biggest thing that encourages the Kids to leave is that most Christians and churches push a dogma on non salvation issues. and its pretty much “my way or the highway”. which is very discouraging and frustrating.

    when i look at Christians calling other Christians heretics and cult leaders because they disagree on minor non salvation issues i just shake my head, its so sad. the church just continues to attack their own and constantly dividing congregations over stupid crap that has nothing to do with salvation. as soon as i started to drop the dogma and started seeking truth and not conformity many things were illuminated and revealed. and i am glad i sought it out. it was painful at times but in the end almost all my questions were answered. and without having to compromise or just make assumptions.

    God is wise beyond all human knowledge and comprehension. AMEN!

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