Magnificent Song and Video: Diem Ex Dei

This is one of my favorite orchestral performances I’ve ever seen, and the song is about Christ. It is by Globus, and called “Diem Ex Dei.” The song is especially worth watching from 2:21 onward. See my rough translation beneath the video (credit to Rev. Jonathan Fisk for the outline of the ideas there).

The Latin is not perfect, but the idea is this:

Umbra Dextras (In the shadow of His hands)

Umbra Crucis (In the shadow of His cross)

Umbra Deus (In the shadow of God)

Lucius Dei (Light of God!)

Fide Sponsa (Faith in His gift)

Fides per Dei (Faith through God)

Missaes Canta (Masses sung)

Mistraes Lingua (Mysterious Word!)

Ave Vitae (Hail! He lives)

Rex Promissa (King of Promise)

Ave Vitae (Hail! He lives)

Rex Veritas (King of Truth)

Missaes Magnus (Magnificent Mass)

Fides en Dei (Faith in God)

Christus Laudamus (Highest praises to Christ!)

Mistraes in God (You can guess)

Magnificent mass! Faith in God! Highest praises to Christ! Mysterious Word!

Yes, indeed! Thanks for watching,


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