Newtown, Connecticut School Shooting: At Least 26 Dead

Another gunman dressed all in black has murdered a crowd of people in America. This time the target is elementary school children, 18 so far among the 26 or more dead. This just a couple days after a man in a mall near Portland, Oregon opened fire in public… this just months after the mass-killing in a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado where another black-clad gunman took as many lives as possible.

Question: how do we interpret these and what seems to be countless other incidents like it in recent American history? Is this out of the ordinary with other cultures and human history? I think so. I think our nation is spiraling downward into a black hole of our own desires: God is truly giving us the freedom from Him that we have fought for.

In other words, the grace of God that restrains outbreaks of depraved violence is being removed in America. We have gotten what we want: to be gods and to make our own Law – so now the mask is coming off of the human heart. May God have mercy on us.

My heart is aching as I write these words; there is no imagination for how those poor babies feel right now who saw classmates murdered before their eyes. There is no human penalty great enough to avenge such deeds, although the news says he is already dead. So now what?

I already see the political right and left gearing up to promote their view of gun-rights. Despicable. This is not the time for that conversation. Wait until tomorrow for the sake of anything good… and maybe just shut-up about it all together for a longer time than that. Somebody just tore the lives of 26+ people in cold blood.

All I will say is that we have sown the wind of violence and secularism. We glorify war, gladiatorial games, personal “choice” to exterminate our children through abortion and after-birth dismemberment, we enshrine the lust for blood in every section of society. We have sown the wind of secularism; glorifying man above his Creator, teaching our children that human beings are of no worth above animals, and that our lives are accidents without meaning. We load ourselves up on prescription drugs to cure our sick minds when the problem is a depraved, wicked heart of godlessness.

The land is filled with blood.

Most churches are filled with silly, irrelevant entertainment and rule-keeping. Who will give the hope?

The schools are overrun with lies.

What are we to do? Admit what we have become, and beg for the mercy of God, that He would not leave us to ourselves for one more minute. Sadly, without repentance from our death-culture, we will reap the whirlwind more and more heavily as the days run by.

Oh Lord and Creator, we have sinned against You grievously, and we are now feasting on the fruits. In Your great pity for humankind, please draw back the wicked in this land, bring revival and repentance to Your people, and cause us to weep for our children. Please, have mercy on this land. Amen.

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