Mormonism No Longer a Cult, When They’re the Republican Nominee: Billy Graham Evangelistic Assn.

If only Joseph Smith could see this from behind the curling flames of Hades: America’s most iconic evangelical Billy Graham has met with Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, and shortly thereafter the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association removed Mormonism from its list of cults, according to CNN’s Belief Blog. In my own search of the BGEA website just now, it seems they may have removed the specific names of all cults from that article, perhaps in an attempt to neutralize criticism of the picking out of Mormonism from the article previously.

So there we have the state of mainstream evangelicalism in 2012 America: cowering in fear of another 4 years of Barack Obama in the White House, we will sanitize and regularize the Mormonism of the Republican nominee. In other words, we’re willing to sell out Jesus and His gospel for just about any price.

Now, I am not opposed to the prayers Rev. Graham offered for the family of Mitt Romney – I would hope many Christians are praying for Governor Romney and his family… and President Obama and his family (think the book of Daniel for how we are to treat pagan rulers). The problem, rather, is that most of the American people already think of Christianity as a peripheral, private expression of spirituality no different than a good session with a Ouija board or sincere Buddhism. As our representatives sell-out Jesus and His gospel, promote every form of spiritual mixture, and openly value political gain as more precious than the advance of Christ’s Kingdom… well, we continue our slide into irrelevance.

If we have the truth of God and His cosmos, what are we afraid of, brothers?

Please do take a glance at the above link and think for yourself about what is said within the article. Is the explanation given by the BGEA sincere, legitimate, or honest? I don’t buy it for a second. The actual definition of the word “cult” is famously slippery, and I have heard decent argumentation against calling Mormonism a cult. They are basically a normal religion at this point, albeit the most polytheistic religion in the world, but it is a regular religion: get saved by your own efforts. Nothing new there.

In any case, the sad decline of American evangelicalism into a trembling, sniveling, political prostitute is only a part of the clear departure of the glory from this nation. God is not a Republican, to put it bluntly, and Billy Graham is no more an authority on the removal of Mormonism from cult-status than a middle-school science teacher is on the planetary status of Pluto.

Sad times!

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One thought on “Mormonism No Longer a Cult, When They’re the Republican Nominee: Billy Graham Evangelistic Assn.

  1. Steve Prud'homme

    Great article on “mormonissm no longer a cult when a Mormon leader is the Republican nominee for President.” It’s a sad day for America when “right wing Republicanism” is equated with God’s solution for our Country’s future leadership. Considering the economic times he inherited from Bush/Cheney, Barack Obama has been “one of our best Presidents,” and should be given another four years as President.

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