We’re Desperately Needy Beggars, All of Us

A few years ago after he was finished preaching, a young man came up to Paul Washer and proclaimed passionately that he had understood the message that night, and declared “you’re right brother Paul, Jesus is all we need!”

With all gentleness, Washer replied, “No young man, Jesus is all we have.”

Let that sink in. If we have Jesus, He is all we have, and if we do not have Jesus, we have nothing though we have the whole world in our pocket. What do you think of that? Was he right? If he was, we’re desperately needy beggars, all of us. I think he was right.

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P.S. Do check out the link to Heart Cry Missions on my sidebar. Also, listen to the message that every western Christian needs to hear; both are from brother Washer (whom I would consider my greatest spiritual mentor).

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