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Poem: Third Season

When yet again lady Persephone has neared the mouth of Hades

All, through which vital energies of grace have flowed

Blooms vibrant in the ceremony of crimson demise

And what appears when looking upward to be

Marvels of metamorphosing majesty

Is shown to be absent from the eye of blood-red Mars

Who sees a star of azure, and lusts for further war.



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Mormonism No Longer a Cult, When They’re the Republican Nominee: Billy Graham Evangelistic Assn.

If only Joseph Smith could see this from behind the curling flames of Hades: America’s most iconic evangelical Billy Graham has met with Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, and shortly thereafter the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association removed Mormonism from its list of cults, according to CNN’s Belief Blog. In my own search of the BGEA website just now, it seems they may have removed the specific names of all cults from that article, perhaps in an attempt to neutralize criticism of the picking out of Mormonism from the article previously.

So there we have the state of mainstream evangelicalism in 2012 America: cowering in fear of another 4 years of Barack Obama in the White House, we will sanitize and regularize the Mormonism of the Republican nominee. In other words, we’re willing to sell out Jesus and His gospel for just about any price.

Now, I am not opposed to the prayers Rev. Graham offered for the family of Mitt Romney – I would hope many Christians are praying for Governor Romney and his family… and President Obama and his family (think the book of Daniel for how we are to treat pagan rulers). The problem, rather, is that most of the American people already think of Christianity as a peripheral, private expression of spirituality no different than a good session with a Ouija board or sincere Buddhism. As our representatives sell-out Jesus and His gospel, promote every form of spiritual mixture, and openly value political gain as more precious than the advance of Christ’s Kingdom… well, we continue our slide into irrelevance.

If we have the truth of God and His cosmos, what are we afraid of, brothers?

Please do take a glance at the above link and think for yourself about what is said within the article. Is the explanation given by the BGEA sincere, legitimate, or honest? I don’t buy it for a second. The actual definition of the word “cult” is famously slippery, and I have heard decent argumentation against calling Mormonism a cult. They are basically a normal religion at this point, albeit the most polytheistic religion in the world, but it is a regular religion: get saved by your own efforts. Nothing new there.

In any case, the sad decline of American evangelicalism into a trembling, sniveling, political prostitute is only a part of the clear departure of the glory from this nation. God is not a Republican, to put it bluntly, and Billy Graham is no more an authority on the removal of Mormonism from cult-status than a middle-school science teacher is on the planetary status of Pluto.

Sad times!

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Keeping the Down Syndrome Baby

Would you keep a baby who had Down syndrome?

The Works of God

ESPN has created a series of videos called E:60 – The Best Stories in Sports.  I think ESPN’s creating this story makes it even more amazing!

This is an incredible testimony from a man who admits he wanted his wife to abort their daughter with Down syndrome.  He was afraid it would reflect on him and interfere with his perfect life.

His wife wouldn’t abort. That same man would then say of his daughter, “I realized she’s like every other kid – she’s my kid.”

This is worth the 14 minutes:

Please, get this in front of men.

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We’re Desperately Needy Beggars, All of Us

A few years ago after he was finished preaching, a young man came up to Paul Washer and proclaimed passionately that he had understood the message that night, and declared “you’re right brother Paul, Jesus is all we need!”

With all gentleness, Washer replied, “No young man, Jesus is all we have.”

Let that sink in. If we have Jesus, He is all we have, and if we do not have Jesus, we have nothing though we have the whole world in our pocket. What do you think of that? Was he right? If he was, we’re desperately needy beggars, all of us. I think he was right.

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P.S. Do check out the link to Heart Cry Missions on my sidebar. Also, listen to the message that every western Christian needs to hear; both are from brother Washer (whom I would consider my greatest spiritual mentor).

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Weep with Those Who Weep: Upon the Death of R.C. Sproul Jr.’s Daughter Shannon

Earlier today, R.C. Sproul Jr.’s daughter Shannon passed away and was caught into the arms of her gracious Creator. Only a little while ago this year his wife Denise passed away from cancer. R.C. Sproul Jr. has been transparent and honest in public (I follow him on Twitter) about his pain in losing Denise, while also relating joy and trust in God for all His good will to be done.

Shannon was a child with a serious medical disability whose life was definitively different than those of all her siblings, yet they all shared in the most important thing: the glorious love of Christ Jesus manifested through godly family. Although I don’t know this family personally, I am drawn into their joys and their grieving as I look on from afar. The grieving is obvious, but some people may wonder what joy I could be talking about. Read on and see…

I encourage you to watch this short clip from Joni Eareckson Tada’s TV show highlighting Sproul’s daughter Shannon. You will see the tragedy of her disability received as a God-given gift of grace. The reality of God’s complete control over our suffering is the obvious anchor for the Sproul family. In this video you will also see the now deceased Denise Sproul – and her caring, strong personality shines through just as R.C. so often describes her.

This all speaks to me in technicolor and 3-D of the love of God, His mercies, and His providential allowance of pain to draw us to Himself. Please pray for the Sprouls.

The Sproul segment starts about 14 minutes in. Please do visit and watch.

Click here for video.

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Interpreting Seminary Work Lately

Hello friends! Recently I’ve had the longest break since it began from writing on this blog. I began seminary courses recently, and the work load is deliciously heavy. I am living out a dream the Lord has put in my heart, and it has been a whirlwind so far.
I’m just posting this in order to communicate that I have not stopped interpreting the cosmos – I just haven’t figured out the right rhythm for everything just yet. I plan on slowly returning to this beloved project of mine over the course of time. Meanwhile, I just want to thank everyone who has supported this work – people from almost 50 countries have visited this year, which is a blessing beyond my expectation.
I do hope and pray that something on this site will lead to the revelation of the gospel of Christ Jesus to someone who previously walked in darkness. Pray for me if you think of it 🙂
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