Cosmic Cousin Mars

Curiosity captures its own shadow on Mars


With the recent successful landing of NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity, we earthlings have been treated to a new tasting of photos from the red planet, and they have been SOCOOL. Have you seen the 360° panorama here? Fantastic.

Driven to Explore and Discover

The Creator of the cosmos made it to be irresistible. We could no more stay out of the stars than a four year-old could stay out of finger paints and a 50’x50′ sheet of crisp white paper. Star Trek, baby.

I made you a blog-ollage of wild Mars photos. Look long, look with a child’s eyes. Allow a sense of wonder to fill you like high tide cleansing the jagged rocks. Don’t be bored at first glance: stare a little. Think a little. Gasp a little. We live in the wonderverse. Most of these photos were taken from our Mars Reconaissance satellite.

Be grateful to be alive in 2012. Galileo is so jealous.

Oh, and don’t mind my attempt at a poetic response 🙂


Indians’ faces and ebony seas…

and lacy white whispers






…while these seem like trees










  Little red cousin




what do you hide?







with volcanoes so large we could fit cities inside…










Wild dust dream



You blow our minds.

pausing to ponder each one of your lines…





pausing to ponder, each of your signs…



















  Your icy blue canyons and unearthly snow…





and martian glaciers hold a lily white pose.

In winds unfamiliar we watch your dust blow…







Where Shatner and Stewart could not truly go…



but little red Rover and Curiosity show



and spark in our scientists new wonder aglow,




to find out if life elsewhere could grow.




Yet one thing in all of your beauty is not…


of queries an answer which cannot be wrought.


The ruby dust oracle – cosmic intrigue




Yet finding the origin, out of our league…




Careful silence.




No clues but to speak,


Of glorious majesty which thought of your deeps…

Of greatness beyond yours by infinite leaps…

                                                             Of wonder-led creation

                                                                                                      Eternally breathed.


Thanks for staring,


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2 thoughts on “Cosmic Cousin Mars

  1. Awesome poem & pics!

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