Happy Birthday, USA

Some say she’s the best country in the world.

Some hate her with a passion.

Many have benefited from her.

Many have died for her freedoms and way of life.

The Founders envisioned great things for her.

The Pilgrims even greater things.

Many have lost track of those ideals.

Many have taken advantage of her.

Some love her enough to tell the truth about her future.

Some say she’s bound for a terrible downfall.

Through the lens of the Scriptures, I see her becoming a footnote of tragic human depravity and wasted blessings. Through the lens of the Scriptures, I call her in the Name of Jesus Christ to repent of her sins and return to the foundations of her liberties…

What better birthday wish could I offer to the greatest country on earth? Come back to your roots, to the Root of all blessings, to the Creator and Redeemer Jesus Christ.

I love you, United States of America. My prayers and best birthday wishes for you! Happy 236th!!!

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One thought on “Happy Birthday, USA

  1. stan schmunk

    Nicely done but we might differ on her ‘roots’. I would say the Enlightenment, not Biblical Christianity.

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