Poem: Hemlock Lake

My feet like a trunk – solid, rooted, weighty.

Stillness to the south. Silver flashes below the surface.

Just a touch of wind to shift the strands of hair

Over my easy brow

Like a canopy of oak leaves just after they’ve turned for autumn.

No need to move now. The silence is swarming, health is abounding…

This old tree of me, rough-grown

Over years in Valhalla-esque green serenity.

Hemlock’s waters feed me.

God’s finger-shaped puddle.

Chemical clarity, H2O purity, potable consistency

Even in 2012.

Shielded from filth

Like 4 year-old Bobby is from knowing Mommy and Dad are Santa’s hands…


It’s not consistent for those who follow Christ to abuse the earth and/or support people who would do so. It’s hypocrisy to be careless about the creation while being care-full about the Creator.

Don’t we all want to hand our children and grandchildren a lovely place to live and raise families?

As Christians, we ought to recognize that when we care for the earth, we are reflecting the character of God in whose image we are made. We are to subdue the earth, yes, but of course that means we are to use it for our benefit – never to abuse it.

Don’t let socialists and liberals steal our mantle of being environmentalists. It is hypocrisy to love Jesus and yet waste the good gifts He has given us in nature.

We, the followers of Christ Jesus (who created every beautiful atom and molecule), ought to celebrate the earth, preserve its beauty and purity, and oppose anyone who would sully it by greed and indifference.

After all, those of us who belong to Jesus and have been granted meekness… “will inherit the earth.” Let’s set the example of being good stewards of the planet.

Thanks for reading,


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