Christians, Republicans, and the Obamacare Ruling

It was argued in 1988 when we elected Bush Sr., again in ’92, ’96, ’00 with Bush Jr., in ’04 even more vigorously for Bush Jr. part II, in ’08 with lizard-breath liberal McCain, and although I haven’t tuned in this time, I’m sure it is still being bandied about for Romney.

Christians wringing their hands, begging us to all get behind the Republican candidate because “at the very least, we’ll get our Supreme Court nominees on the bench.

It’s sort of worked out with Clarence Thomas. Alito might be OK. But after today with Chief Justice Roberts – he who was hailed by Christians and conservatives as a right-wing, trustworthy man ‘o God – are we finally disabused of the notion that there is any good reason to elect these liberal, two-faced Republicans to the presidency?

This is not a politics blog, and I am not trying to delve into politics here. I am trying to take this opportunity to remind my fellow Constitutionalists, conservatives, and Christians that you can tell a tree by its fruit. There was really only one candidate in this race which has shown conservative principal, character, and integrity over his career. He was laughed off again by most conservatives – as they joined in the cynical, secular attitude of the MSNBC/MSM crowd. Suicidally, we picked Romney who is probably left of LBJ.

I hope some of you will think long and hard about voting for Romney based on a prayer that he might do a few of the things he has promised.

I hope even moreso that this nation will have an awakening to just how far down we have fallen, and tremble at the judgment of God falling on us. Today is the day to stop placing our faith in the professional criminals we call Republicans. Today is the day to turn in repentance to the mercy and help of Almighty God – He who the Founders invoked as our only hope, and that without blushing.

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11 thoughts on “Christians, Republicans, and the Obamacare Ruling

  1. Are you recommending that Christians vote 3rd party?

    • Man alive I don’t know. For myself, I must vote for someone who will uphold the Constitution and protect it from all enemies, foreign and domestic. BHO is one of those enemies, so I cannot vote for him. Romney is (probably less consciously) one of those enemies, as his debate rhetoric and previous record seem to show he is also a progressive.

      I therefore will have to vote a write-in or abstain as I did in ’08.

      To be honest Chris, I’ve seen Christians and conservatives more politically active, aware, and useful during Obama by a factor compared to our dumb pliability during the previous 8 years under socialist Bush. In a real sense, it may be better for our country for the current criminal to be re-elected. It would break my heart to see all the good conservatives go back into a thinking coma because of the “R” flag flying over the White House while we drive in the same direction slower.

      Your thoughts?

    • My pragmatism compels me to vote Romney. I don’t know if our country can survive another term of Obama.

      • And I feel that. I’m with you. I just would admonish you to test your faith in this: if the choice were between what seems to work OR obedience to God, which would you choose? When Jesus told His disciples that He had to go to Jerusalem to be murdered, Peter did not see how that would work (as Peter pictured the ministry of the Messiah culminating in a visible, earthly kingdom). Peter rebuked Jesus – no way is that going to work, Jesus!

        You know Jesus’ response. I know it is not an equivalent analogy to an American election in 2012, but do you see my point?

        Romney is basically a little globalist puppet with more conservative rhetoric. He has given me no reason to believe he will obey the law as President. Why would I vote for him to run my nation as a criminal? Obama has his foot to the floor racing towards the cliff, Romney will hop into the driver’s seat and ease off the gas by 1/4 – not my idea of a different option.

        • Well, I believe pragmatism is appropriate here. Ideally, I would like true believer who has an orthodox view of the Constitution and the Bible. But for better or worse, we have a de facto 2-party electorate system. At this moment, I’m not sure if I can get behind a “principle vote.” The time for that was during the primaries, where I did vote based on principle. (if I were to vote purely on principle, I would probably write in a candidate that’s not even on the national radar) The current system basically leaves me with reelecting “Obama the Socialist” or giving “Romney the Moderate Republican” a shot. At the very least, I know Romney can be a successful Chief Executive based on his experience–something Obama has failed at miserably (even when setting aside political ideology). While I share most of the concerns you have about Romney’s conservative credentials, I believe he is far from an ObamaLite and is the best presidential pick out of the two available choices.


        • Grace & peace to you my brother.

  2. stan schmunk

    Justin, sorry to bother you but your post requires a biblical response. With your name-calling and near panic mode you are seriously out of line with Scripture. Please read Rom 13:1-7, 1 Tim 2:1-7 and 2 Pet 2:13-17. You are a strong Calvinist but don’t seem to have a calm trust in the sovereignty of God. In this country we are free to disagree but as Christians not to disrespect and call names. It’s actually open rebellion. BTW, our Constitution is a 100% secular document, no mention of God or moral law. Our danger is from the Holy God of the universe, not Dems or liberals or socialists, etc. Please read Rev 18. It describes us exactly. Justin, our citizenship is in Heaven. Please consider the Scriptures so that you don’t fall short of God’s will in this situation.

    • Sorry to bother me? You’re free to say anything you’d like within the few boundaries I’ve set for this blog. The only issue we have, stan, is that we seem to be two ships passing in the night as we attempt these comment box chats with each other. I’m still confused about exactly what happened in our last conversation.

      That aside, after re-reading my post, I don’t see this near panic mode you’re talking about. Calling McCain a lizard-breath liberal I would argue is hardly worth arguing over – I’m using the same kind of imagery that political-cartoonists use to draw attention to their opponents’ weaknesses. Would I call him that to his face? No. But there is a place for a certain brand of tussling with political figures, and the open conversation on the internet is a great place for it. Would it be any more honorable or respectful to simply say McCain is in open contempt of the law of the land, he is derelict in his duties to his constituents, and he is an untrustworthy, lying, two-faced criminal? Surely those scriptures do not forbid calling a spade a spade within the realm of submission to their authority?

      I’m not afraid of the political class destroying our country and future – the post is a call to Christians to stop investing so much vigor and energy and hope in the Republican party. Don’t you see you’re rebuking me for the things of which I said the very opposite? Thank you for your input and concern.

  3. stan schmunk

    You’re not a political cartoonist, you’re a Christian. Name calling is juvenile and doesn’t reflect kindly on the Lord. I do agree with your last paragraph.

    The previous discussion ended because there was nowhere to go. That issue’s been argued for 450+ years. What else was there to say?

    Roberts is a man of integrity. Your disagreement is noted.

  4. stan schmunk

    I apologize for my impatience. I figured this all out in the late 60s and became a conservative Independent because of it. I was raised GOP and after my Dad left in late ’56 my Mom raised me on quite conservative material, esp John Birch Society, Goldwater, Skousen, etc. I was a Nixon man all the way. But as I watched the Civil Rights movement and saw consv GOP opposition to it and the fundamentalist/evangelical church aligning with them, I sensed that something was very wrong. I’d always been sensitive to civil rights issues since the late 40s because of MLB integration led by my beloved Brooklyn Dodgers. I early on grasped the horror of slavery and segregation. In the early ’60s I asked my Mom what was up with all this and she gamely mentioned something about the curse on one of Noah’s sons. I was confused because by far the nicest family I ever knew was a black family across the street.

    After 2 and half years in Bible college I withdrew and in anger at what I saw withdrew from the faith and moved firmly toward what we now call socialism. I’d seen enough by the end of ’68 to permanently abandon association with either party. I came back to the Lord in April ’71 after hearing Billy Graham talk about the CA ‘Jesus People’. That gave me hope. Within a year I’d moved my little family into a very nasty ghetto in Phoenix to minister to blacks. Within 2 years I was fired for not getting enough ‘souls’ converted in the little Sunday Schools we ran. (The biggest problem was desperate poverty & illiteracy.)

    In ’76 I returned to finish Bible college education & took a pastorate in CA with modest success. In that time I worked out my theology and wrestled with all the theological issues that bother us. After 4 years I was bored to tears & wanted to bust out into the real world. I enrolled at UC San Diego in Chinese Studies wanting to be able to go to China. But I detoured into refugee ministry, which eventually led me to start a non-profit to help the very poor in Cambodia in ’96. We’re still going strong today. But I also wanted to know how a ‘Christian’ nation could have done some things we did. And I found out: We never were one. I read the Constitution for the first time in a long time in ’84 and saw that it was 100 % secular. Our slavery was a Christian institution, etc.

    The Dems are who they are. The GOP folks are liars and hypocrites, say one thing do another. Our decision to align with them is fatal if it leads to voting for a Mormon. (God help us!)

    BTW, we owe a monumental apology to Anita Hill for what we did to her in backing a womanizing ‘Catholic’. And to really learn U.S. history we need to look at it thru the eyes of black folk from the beginning.

    Sorry for the length.

    • Thanks for sharing all of that at length. I can respect your years and experience, and the wisdom that you must have acquired through your life.

      I see in you some things I hope to become like, and some things I hope to navigate differently. It seems to me, and this could be way off base, but it seems to me you are willing to go to battle for any reason. Almost like any error is equally worthy of reproof and/or rebuke. I’m sure you’d disagree, and I’m sure there’s more nuance to you… but I get the sense that you feel the duty to corner and correct anyone for almost anything.

      Maybe that’s how we should all be. I just can’t figure out how to live that way, or even that I should. Many errors and problems in peoples’ beliefs must be let go in order to get to the heart of things. Ah well, I risk offending needlessly. Take it as it is: a distant observation subject to misunderstanding.

      Thanks for reading.

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