Series on Christian Hypocrisy-Halfway Point

Interpreting the Cosmos is a destination where hopefully you hear a voice of love and discernment as I address our world through the lens of God’s Word the Bible. My recent series on Christian Hypocrisy has been a necessary piece of what it means to be a truth loving Christian in 2012 America. We must address hypocrisy in the Church. We must confess our sins and ask God for repentance for ourselves as individuals, and also our culture as a whole.

I pray you all receive the blessings of the Holy Spirit as we continue with this series for about another month.

Please enjoy our posts from this series:

Christian Hypocrisy: Cancer in the Body

Adulterous Pastors: Extreme Hypocrisy Damage

Persecution and the Absolute Carnival of Narcissism in the Church

Great Commission Gone to the Dogs

Homosexuals and Idiocy in the Name of Jesus

Plane Crash God Laughs…?

The Real Hypocrisy: Guest Post by Dr. Bob Froese

The Church and the Hypocrite

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