Persecution and the Absolute Carnival of Narcissism in the Church

I cannot speak highly enough of this post I am reblogging from Frontline Apologetics. It is simple, short, and powerfully clear.

In the Disneyland fantasy world of the United States of America, Christianity suffers under the worst type of spiritual trial in the entire world: entertainment driven, materialistic, self-centered, man-centered, and basically antichrist facade Christianity which is a total fraud and defamation to Christ Jesus. JESUS DID NOT DIE FOR US TO BE FULFILLED IN THIS LIFE, and it is hypocritical filth to parade yourself and your church as if you are Christian when in reality you steal the name of Christ to use it in vain for your power trip. Christian hypocrisy at its worst – right here in the US of A. Contrast the two videos at the bottom of this post to see what I mean. Do you think Ed Young would be willing to die like our Afghan brother did? Pray for those Muslim murderers. Forgive them for what they’ve done to our brother.

Grace and Peace to the Church of Jesus Christ.

Frontline Apologetics

Pure, gospel driven church in America is a beautiful thing. Faithful churches rightly dividing the word of God, serving their community in love, pouring out blessings from the abundance God has graciously given, and pushing the good news of Jesus Christ into the utter darkness of their cities. However much of the church, particularly in the west, seems to be stuck in a fantasy land of narcissism, where the greatest danger looming is if your unsaved neighbor catches you wearing a scarf that doesn’t match your loafers.

I recently stumbled across, a web site of “fashion for pastors” by Ed Young Jr. As ridiculous as “from the runway to the pulpit” sounds, it actually highlights a significant problem within the American church. We’ve forgotten what it’s like to actually have to suffer for the gospel. In our abundance and prosperity we have caved inward to self and have forgotten…

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