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Memorial Day Gratitude: One Breath

Thank You, Lord God, for the graces You’ve poured on our country. We remember that countless men and women have laid down their lives to never see the blessings they’ve helped secure – dimly picturing the unique, selfless sacrifice of Christ.

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Homosexuals and Idiocy in the Name of Jesus

A Maiden, North Carolina “pastor” named Charles L. Worley has shot the body of Christ in the head by effectively calling for a Nazi-style internment camp for homosexuals where they would be imprisoned by electrified fencing and then eventually “die out… [because] they can’t reproduce.”

Although this type of verbal diarrhea is normal for these King James Only fundamentalist churches, “Pastor” Worley’s cruelty has caught fire on the internet. The standard liberal anti-hate groups are all lathered up with this gift of a gaffe – they need this exact type of holocaust talk in order to continue to justify painting Christianity in general as a religion of hate towards homosexuals. Meanwhile back in North Carolina I’m sure “Pastor” Worley is all too happy with himself. Having spent at least a year myself in a 1611 King James Only Bible Baptist church from which I barely escaped with my mind, I know the boasting and chuckling going on behind the scenes as they revel in the attention he has gotten. This cruelty is, to say the least, disgusting, hypocritical, and most of all – antichrist. This type of garbage is a perfect example of some of the worst of Christian hypocrisy.

Why do I say all of this, and with such indignation?

1)      It is exactly the opposite of something Jesus would have said. In John 8:1-11, we see a woman caught in the very act of adultery. Icky, messy, slutty, nasty woman. She should be killed! She should be hit in the head with stones until she dies! She is perverting the nation! What do you say, Mr. Jesus? Mr… holy Rabbi man from Nazareth who nobody ever heard of until recently – Mr… no education in the schools we went to, Mr… only have 12 stinking followers must be some sort of lunatic Jesus – what do you say? (Watch him make a fool of himself here).

“He who is without sin, cast the first stone.” Whoa. They all went away one by one – silenced, guilty, revealed. What does He say to the woman? “Neither do I condemn you, go and sin no more.” The gospel! It is always both “not condemned” AND “sin no more” (thank you RW Glenn for that point).

Sin no more! But what comes first before the command to sin no more? The grace and mercy which empower the command to be obeyed! This type of Jesus would not be acceptable to “Pastor” Worley and his followers.

2)      “Pastor” Worley speaks exactly opposite of how the Apostles charge pastors to address the lost and erring. Paul writes to Pastor Timothy:

”And a slave[sic] of the Lord must not quarrel but be gentle to all, able to teach, patient, 25 in humility correcting those who are in opposition, if God perhaps will grant them repentance, so that they may know the truth,26 and that they may come to their senses and escape the snare of the devil, having been taken captive by him to do his will.” II Timothy 2:24-26 (NKJV)

Peter writes to Christians under persecution:

Sanctify Christ as Lord in your hearts, always being ready to make a defense to everyone who asks you to give an account for the hope that is in you, yet with gentleness and reverence16 and keep a good conscience so that in the thing in which you are slandered, those who revile your good behavior in Christ will be put to shame17 For it is better, if God should will it so, that you suffer for doing what is right rather than for doing what is wrong.” 1 Peter 3:15-17 (NASB)

3)      “Pastor” Worley was trying to look cool. Of course he doesn’t really think that his idea is what should or could be done. He wasn’t giving a serious, thoughtful, pastoral solution to what is a genuine issue for society. Homosexuality and its widespread acceptance is a true scourge on a people, a direct evidence of God’s wrath on a nation (Romans 1:18-32), but it is an extremely sensitive subject requiring thoughtful, loving, gospel-saturated, biblical language. “Pastor” Worley obviously spoke only to inflame emotions, build up fascistic rage against homosexuals, and also, most angering to me, to say to the rest of us Christians who take our time and effort to carefully refute the homosexual errors, and who preach the gospel in power and love – he told us we can all basically shove off with our ministry work. There’s a new sheriff in town, “Pastor” Worley gonna lay down the laauw!! “Pastor” Worley gonna decide for everyone how this discussion gone be!! (Gag).

4)      “Pastor” Worley spoke in laziness. Anyone can lob rhetorical bombs and create a needless frenzy. It takes work, care, passion for the labor of a minister of Christ to effect true gospel motivation and conviction. It’s obvious when someone is simply a lazy Bible slob who doesn’t care about the complexities and depth within Christian ministry.

So then, “Pastor” Worley – you’ve brought shame and scorn on the Name of Jesus. You’ve brought shame and misunderstanding upon the Bible and the body of Christ. You’ve perhaps set back 100,000 relationships between Christians and homosexuals. You’ve become a political football with which the liberal fascists will now run for a touchdown. You are a disgrace to the Name you claim to exalt, and in all my tiny 10-visitors-a-day-to-this-blog-power I call on you to publicly confess that this was sinful and harmful, repent, seek counseling, and step down from the pulpit – the place reserved for qualified men who are able to preach the Word of God rightly divided and show themselves approved. May you find grace and help in coming to a true understanding of the gospel of Christ.

In my next post I will attempt to deal with the broader question of Christian “hate” groups.

Thanks for reading,


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Great Commission Gone to the Dogs

Christians refer to Jesus’ final words in Matthew as the “Great Commission.” He says

All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth. 19 Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20 teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.

We who claim to follow, worship, obey, love, adore Jesus the Christ; this is our primary mission in the world. It doesn’t get more sexy and thrilling than these plain words: go and make, baptize and teach. So then, let’s look at how Christianity as an institution has been doing here in the west.

Americans spent $51,000,000,000.00 on our pets last year, and look to spend even a couple billion more this year. We love our pets. No, we LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE our pets. I’m one of them – I fawn over my two cats like they were my own flesh and blood.

On the other hand, while it is difficult to get an exact dollar amount that American Christians gave to missions last year, the statistic which is easy to find is this: the average American church gives about 5% of its money to missions and evangelism. Of that already pitiful amount, only about 5% of it goes to reaching the most unevangelized, needy, dark places on earth. Imagine this! 66% of the world population has about 0.0005% of the gospel funding going to it!

Imagine this! 66% of the world population has about 0.0005% of the gospel funding going to it!

Imagine this! 66% of the world population has about 0.0005% of the gospel funding going to it!

Imagine this! 66% of the world population has about 0.0005% of the gospel funding going to it!

What does this say? Very simply, that American churches are filled with mostly lost people who have not been born again, and also that even those who have been born of the Holy Spirit are asleep on the playground of American prosperity. This is hypocrisy of the first order.

We preach Jesus crucified for the sins of the world, but we don’t preach it to the world.

We preach ONE WAY! to get to heaven, but we keep the way to ourselves… unless someone from Iran or Indonesia wants to come to our well-funded building in America and hear our sermon – then they could get the gospel!

We preach that Jesus is more precious than anything, but our money tattle-tales on us. We believe that football, pornography, gourmet food, and pets are much more important than Jesus being preached in all the nations.

We preach that a person must hear the gospel of Jesus Christ in order to be saved, but we send most of our missions money to those places where someone has already preached – leaving the unreached world to… well, the dogs.

I know, I know. Some of you are thinking about how negative and judgmental I am being. Let me assure you I am inside of the group of people I am shaming. I just spent $3,000.00 on a vacation to Grand Cayman while I give $30.00 per month directly to world missions. I’m infected with it too: prosperity and materialism to the core. Does that help you to get past the author, and look back at the statistics?

Imagine this! 66% of the world population has about 0.0005% of the gospel funding going to it!

Imagine this! 66% of the world population has about 0.0005% of the gospel funding going to it!

Imagine this! 66% of the world population has about 0.0005% of the gospel funding going to it!

Jesus is still King

Even though the majority of the wealth in the world is concentrated here in North America where we hoard it and lavish it on our pets, we cannot lose sight of the reality that Jesus is still King of the cosmos. The One who gave the command to go and make, baptize and teach is still alive, beautiful, and sovereign. Make no mistake, He is at work in the world to call to Himself a great sea of redeemed people. The mission does not depend on our obedience, because then we would be the saviors of the mission. There is only one Savior, and His name is Jesus; Son of God, Messiah, the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world. He is raising up missionaries and those who will give to missions work. He is giving life and resurrection to the dead souls of sinners throughout the world. He is able and willing to complete the mission for His glory in spite of the North American spiritual malaise.

Here’s the thing though – He still invites you and me to participate through obedience to that simple command – go and make, baptize and teach. If you are breathing, it is not too late to reform your giving practices, to create a place in your schedule where you pray for the salvation of the nations, to become an encourager in your church. God has not yet destroyed the material wealth of the United States – the torch is still in our hand, the opportunity is wide open! Let’s repent of our pet-worshiping, vacation-idolatry, football-mesmerized, self-centered way of life! Today is a new day, and His mercies are new every morning! You still can join in Jesus’ global mission to bring all men to repentance and faith in Him, freed from their idols, joyful in Christ, worshiping the Father in spirit and truth. Are you in?

I’ll leave you with two things: a great idea from a Senior Pastor in San Antonio, and video of a recent sermon by David Platt – a sermon from the 2012 Together for the Gospel conference in Louisville, Kentucky.

The pastor from Texas, Drew Leaver, suggests your church cut its missions budget. I think it’s a cool idea.

And for the David Platt missions sermon, my dad who was there tells me there was not a dry eye in the place as this word went out. I also greatly encourage you to get a copy of Platt’s book “Radical.” Let’s begin to reject hypocrisy from our lives, and joyfully obey Christ in the global mission He has given to us – for which He laid down His own life.

Thanks for reading,


P.S. If you go away from this feeling condemned, I would only encourage you to turn back to Christ Jesus and receive His unconditional love and forgiveness for your sin. The fuel of Christian missions is not daunting statistics, but rather the gospel power of God – yet we must face the statistics and realize that a once-in-2,000-years opportunity is upon us and is being squandered!

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Persecution and the Absolute Carnival of Narcissism in the Church

I cannot speak highly enough of this post I am reblogging from Frontline Apologetics. It is simple, short, and powerfully clear.

In the Disneyland fantasy world of the United States of America, Christianity suffers under the worst type of spiritual trial in the entire world: entertainment driven, materialistic, self-centered, man-centered, and basically antichrist facade Christianity which is a total fraud and defamation to Christ Jesus. JESUS DID NOT DIE FOR US TO BE FULFILLED IN THIS LIFE, and it is hypocritical filth to parade yourself and your church as if you are Christian when in reality you steal the name of Christ to use it in vain for your power trip. Christian hypocrisy at its worst – right here in the US of A. Contrast the two videos at the bottom of this post to see what I mean. Do you think Ed Young would be willing to die like our Afghan brother did? Pray for those Muslim murderers. Forgive them for what they’ve done to our brother.

Grace and Peace to the Church of Jesus Christ.

Frontline Apologetics

Pure, gospel driven church in America is a beautiful thing. Faithful churches rightly dividing the word of God, serving their community in love, pouring out blessings from the abundance God has graciously given, and pushing the good news of Jesus Christ into the utter darkness of their cities. However much of the church, particularly in the west, seems to be stuck in a fantasy land of narcissism, where the greatest danger looming is if your unsaved neighbor catches you wearing a scarf that doesn’t match your loafers.

I recently stumbled across, a web site of “fashion for pastors” by Ed Young Jr. As ridiculous as “from the runway to the pulpit” sounds, it actually highlights a significant problem within the American church. We’ve forgotten what it’s like to actually have to suffer for the gospel. In our abundance and prosperity we have caved inward to self and have forgotten…

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Adulterous Pastors: Extreme Hypocrisy Damage

So if the man of God is truly a man of God – filled with the Holy Spirit of God, then why is he getting caught in the sheets with someone besides his wife? One of the greatest disgraces I’ve ever heard of is Ted Haggard. The head pastor of a 14,000 person church and the president of the National Association of Evangelicals, Haggard had sex repeatedly with a male prostitute while also indulging regularly in crystal meth. Regarding Haggard’s hypocrisy, CNN reports:

Haas (a young man who was sexually harassed by Pastor Haggard) added, “(Haggard) used to say to me, ‘You know what, Grant, you can become a man of God, and you can have a little bit of fun on the side.”

…Controversy involving Haggard first erupted in November 2006, when a former prostitute, Mike Jones, said the pastor had paid him for sex over three years and had used methamphetamine in his presence.

Haggard initially admitted in interviews that he received a massage from Jones but denied having sex with him. He also said he bought methamphetamine, but threw it away instead of using it.

The assertions received widespread news coverage and sparked charges of hypocrisy, particularly because Haggard had condemned homosexual sex.

Haggard is the former president of the National Association of Evangelicals, which claims to represent millions of people in 45,000 congregations nationwide. He was also the head pastor at New Life Church. (emphasis mine)

Time would fail me to speak of Swaggart, Bakker, Goodman, and the thousands of others in the past 30 – 40 years who have been caught with pants down and Bible in hand. No matter what is really going on with these individuals, to the world outside of Christianity, it looks like rank hypocrisy. Who can argue? The glorious name of Jesus is put through the sewer each time one of these erupts. We can protest that they are not truly followers of Christ, but you know how far that goes with the world.

To make matters worse, as I have seen firsthand with my adulterous pastor right here where I used to go to church, many in the congregation and even other pastors will often work hard to cover it up. What gives? From my original post in this series, I ask:

If Jesus is the high and glorious God of the universe, if He is all powerful, if He desires His name to be exalted and feared as holy, then why does He allow so much evil to be done under the banner of “Christian”?

I’m having difficulty answering that question. I do know, however, that when a person who calls himself a Christian has a big, dirty, public fall, it calls into question if Jesus is really even alive, let alone powerful enough to protect His name. We see from Ezekiel 36 that God is tremendously jealous of His glory:

20 When they came to the nations, wherever they went, they profaned My holy name—when they said of them, ‘These are the people of the LORD, and yet they have gone out of His land.’

The people are wondering aloud about the wandering Israelites. If their God is the Lord of heaven and earth, then why are they wandering around in captivity? Is not the LORD a joke; can’t even control His people – ha.

21 But I had concern for My holy name, which the house of Israel had profaned among the nations wherever they went.

22 “Therefore say to the house of Israel, ‘Thus says the Lord God: “I do not do this for your sake, O house of Israel, but for My holy name’s sake, which you have profaned among the nations wherever you went.

Not that God doesn’t care about His people, but rather His name is the greatest concern He has – His glory and fame among the nations. So He promises…

23 And I will sanctify My great name, which has been profaned among the nations, which you have profaned in their midst; and the nations shall know that I am the LORD,” says the Lord GOD, “when I am hallowed in you before their eyes.

And from there He goes on to promise the New Covenant, and that those who are His would walk in holiness as a mark of the covenant:

26 I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit within you; I will take the heart of stone out of your flesh and give you a heart of flesh. 27 I will put My Spirit within you and cause you to walk in My statutes, and you will keep My judgments and do them.

Later in the preaching of Jesus, He says in Matthew 7:

15 Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. 16 You will know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes from thornbushes or figs from thistles? 17 Even so, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. 18 A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a bad tree bear good fruit. 19 Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. 20 Therefore by their fruits you will know them. (emphasis mine)

How do we know that someone is truly a wolf? By how he or she lives their life. This is not to say that a slip-up cannot happen with a truly born-again pastor, but rather that the totality of his life will necessarily be one of repentance and holiness. Jesus goes on to say:

21 “Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father in heaven. 22 Many will say to Me in that day, ‘Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Your name, cast out demons in Your name, and done many wonders in Your name?’ 23 And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness!’

The key is the last words: “you who practice lawlessness.” This Greek word signifies someone who lives as though Jesus had given them no law, no command, no narrow way on which to walk. Shows of power and exciting ministry are no substitute for a regenerate heart which follows meekly after the Master, in willful, glad submission to His rule.

So I’ve tried to be plain: I believe from the Scriptures that a professing Christian who lives a lifestyle of adultery, especially as a pastor/minister, has not been born again of the Holy Spirit, and is an object of the wrath of God. Peter warns about them in 2 Peter 2:

12 But these, like natural brute beasts made to be caught and destroyed, speak evil of the things they do not understand, and will utterly perish in their own corruption, 13 and will receive the wages of unrighteousness, as those who count it pleasure to carouse in the daytime. They are spots and blemishes, carousing in their own deceptions while they feast with you, 14 having eyes full of adultery and that cannot cease from sin, enticing unstable souls. They have a heart trained in covetous practices, and are accursed children. 15 They have forsaken the right way and gone astray, following the way of Balaam the son of Beor, who loved the wages of unrighteousness; 16 but he was rebuked for his iniquity: a dumb donkey speaking with a man’s voice restrained the madness of the prophet.17 These are wells without water, clouds carried by a tempest, for whom is reserved the blackness of darkness forever. (emphasis again mine)

One of the chief marks of a wolf is his insatiable appetite for illicit sex, among other things. The harder question to answer is why does God allow them to even have the chance to mock His name with their hypocrisy? That is a question I will try to tackle throughout the rest of the series on Christian hypocrisy – its a tough one to ponder.

Thanks for reading,


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Christian Hypocrisy: Cancer in the Body

Perhaps the greatest difficulty for a Christian wanting to interpret the cosmos is to figure out why there is so much evil done in the name of the God of the Bible – specifically in the name of Jesus, which name is the highest of all names, as we see in Philippians 2:

9For this reason also, God highly exalted Him, and bestowed on Him the name which is above every name, 10so that at the name of Jesus EVERY KNEE WILL BOW, of those who are in heaven and on earth and under the earth, 11and that every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father. (NASB)

So then we ask: if Jesus is the high and glorious God of the universe, if He is all powerful, if He desires His name to be exalted and feared as holy, then why does He allow so much evil to be done under the banner of “Christian”?

Does the reality of the wickedness done by professing Christians mean that the Bible, the gospel of Christ, and His promises are not really true? Aren’t these tragic, pervasive realities proof that Christ is not truly able to subdue wickedness done in His name? Should we look for absolute truth, hope, and light in another religion? Most self-professing atheists (with which I have interacted) seem to be so because of the (at least perceived) hypocrisy and horrors committed by Christians. I am constantly confronted with the regretful resentment and personal barriers of non-Christians who have been scandalized by those who claim to be believers in Jesus.

Because this is so serious and horrific…

For at least the next month, I want to deal almost exclusively with the topic of “Christian hypocrisy” and how we as Christ’s followers can answer for it without pretending it isn’t there. We must explain what it means; how this greatest of evils could be so very… real, present, persistent, destructive, and then (to my utter chagrin) downplayed by Christians who would try to wash it all away and move on to another topic.

We will look at, among other topics:

1) “Holy” Wars like the Medieval Crusades

2) Splintered Church: thousands of denominations all fighting against each other?

3) Pedophiles in the pulpit

4) Adultery and homosexuality in the pulpit

5) Holier-than-thou attitudes

6) Anti-semitism

7) Prosperity pimps on TV stealing grandma’s social security money

8) Anti-Muslim rhetoric

9) Poor stewardship: Christians carelessly harming the environment

10) Westborough Baptists and the blistering hatred of sign-holding preachers

(if you have a suggested topic, email me or leave a comment!)

How do we interpret this cosmos of ours – a world filled with the evil of men who claim to be following Christ, who at the same time create chaos and injury in every corner of the globe? This is a… maybe the stumbling-block of them all in people refusing to hear the gospel and follow Christ alongside the people of His Church.

I’ll do my best to deal with this issue from a number of different angles. I may even feature a guest writer or two. Please watch for these posts and leave comments which add to the conversation.

Also, you can and should subscribe to Interpreting the Cosmos by looking along the right column of this page for the box “Follow Interpreting the Cosmos via Email” and add your email to our list to get an alert whenever a new post is published.

Interpreting the Cosmos because there is freedom and joy to be found in the truth.

Thanks for reading,



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Thinking About Hell at 2am

Last night I woke up with an extremely serious sense of the reality of hell. My mind was gripped in a dimension of it’s realness – not a realness like a movie or a book, but like as if standing in front of it and looking in. Knowing it. Experiencing the hopelessness of those who will be there forever. Absolutely overtaken with a sense of sorrow and desperation for them.

As odd as this may sound, specifically this painful grief washing over me turned to John Lennon, as I have recently watched a few video clips of the 1969 famous rooftop concert where Lennon appears jovial and carefree.

Awakening in the night with the realization that the man is forever trapped in hellfire has left me depressed and pensive today – my soul is laden with a grieving and anger at sin. It is a hateful thing to see anyone under the righteous wrath of God, especially because there is a Savior available to them.

It’s not that I see him and the millions of others as victims of an unjust punishment, but even in light of the perfect righteousness of God in damning sinners, my heart breaks for those who will be in unceasing anguish for eternity. No end! No peace!


Doesn’t your heart ache for this? Yes, the final truth about the population in hell is that they are tragically deceived criminals – deceived first of all by their own idols made by choice. Yet the fact of their culpability relieves little sorrow from my soul.

Artistic Glory as a Reminder

One reason I like to enjoy the beauties of secular music is because of moments like these; moments where I am stunned in joy by the art but also realizing the fragility of the human being in rebellion against the Almighty, holy God.

As I said in my writing on the Doors, once the final Day comes all will see that the beauties in the arts are copyright Jesus Christ, circa eternity. He is worthy! All beauties are on loan to the artist, and to Jesus belongs all our affection and worship. To Jesus let us give our love for His having determined not to let the entire human race go into the pits of hell. To Jesus let us cling in joy and fear, lest we collect our wage in the afterlife.

Until the final Day when clarity comes, my heart (may it always be), is torn and grieved for the futility and justice awaiting those who die in their sins without Christ.

Thanks for reading,


P.S. Of course I do not know for certain where Lennon is, or anyone for that matter… but to be clear, faith in Christ and repentance from sin is the only means of amnesty with God. Lennon seems to have died without that faith, according to what I can tell from his life and words.

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Blurring the Lines: Mark Dever

Pastor Dever nails a hidden danger – we ought to think clearly and biblically about how we worship the Lord Jesus.

Samuel at Gilgal

From the words of Mark Dever and Paul Alexander:

A steady diet of performances by soloists or even choirs can have the unintended effect of undermining the corporate, participative nature of our musical worship. People can gradually come to think of worship in terms of passive observation, which we do not see modeled in the Bible. Such a diet may also begin to blur the line between worship and entertainment, especially in a television-sopped culture like ours, where one of our most insidious expectations is to be always entertained. Of course, this blurring is hardly ever intended. But over time, separating the “performers” from “the rest of the congregation” can subtly shift the focus of our attention from God to the musicians and their talent – a shift that is frequently revealed by applause at the end of some performance pieces. Who is the beneficiary of such applause?

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One (Big) Breath to be Stunned by the Scope of the Cosmos

Between 100 and 400 billion stars in just our little galaxy… which is one galaxy among perhaps 500 billion or more galaxies, each containing hundreds of billions of stars.

It’s safe to say: God is showing off… and shouldn’t He?

And [Jesus] is the radiance of [God’s] glory and the exact representation of [God’s] nature, and upholds all things by the word of His (Jesus’) power. Hebrews 1:3a

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Poem: A Glance at Man

East of Eden into New York

With just a few years of travel between.

With marching band flavor and chain-gang vigor,

With just a few cheers of life to be seen…

Mud huts and skyscrapers, carts full of beans,

Kings in their glory, high-tech machines…

War famine birthdays, weddings and dreams

Children play dress-up bombs fall on the streets

Valentines wishes and Genghis Khan bleeds

Monsters in the closet with venomous teeth

Democracy’s children new lands for to breed

Westward of Eden, ages we’ve seen…

Crushed by the glory of life now unclean,

Kicked off the cords of divine sovereignty.



Life is for living, living the dream,

But the dream has some darkness

And I might need to scream.


Thanks for reading,


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