Grand Cayman Was Wonderful!

Hey all! For those of us who have our ear to the ground, our eye to the lens, and our heart in tune with the musical universe around us, I heartily recommend a trip to Grand Cayman island. The loud, luscious voice of creation is singing in color in Cayman, mon.

See the dolphins?

Experiences in Cayman

The Caribbean world is for those of us who love to experience the best of creation. The cheerful sun turns you brown while the turquoise water refreshes your mind. Cayman is just about the perfect picture of vacation – it was a time to relax my mind and simply gaze into the glory of God’s handiwork.

A brief list of things we got to do and see:

  1. Snorkeled at Cemetery Beach and saw lovely corals, and hundreds of colorful, playful fish. This was a big step for both my wife and me as we are very freaked out by the ocean 🙂 We actually were looking for a nurse shark that others in the area had seen just a few minutes before! (Didn’t find her).
  2. Swam with Dolphins at the wonderful Dolphin Cove. I held a dolphin in my arms!

    Can I get a kiss pwease?

  3. Visited Stingray City where countless stingrays swim around you and eat squid from your hands. I held and kissed one. Amazing day in the turquoise North Sound – video of us leaving it behind (couldn’t have my camera in the ocean during the swim, but search YouTube for Stingray City) here:
  4. Baked my Irish butt in the equatorial sun on numerous beaches.
  5. Visited First Baptist Church of Grand Cayman for Sunday service (Pastor Thabiti Anyabwile).
  6. Rode a submarine at night to depths of over 100′ to see the corals and predatory fish on the hunt.
  7. Enjoyed fabulous seafood everywhere.
  8. Generally soaked in the benefits of belonging to a gracious, generous God who built a really amazing cosmos.

I hope you all have had half of the joy in your lives that I have had. What a mind-blowing universe we live in. What a sweet and excellent Creator. Glory to Christ!

Thanks for checking back in with me. I’ll be back to regular blogging soon.



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