Roman Catholic Opening Remarks

Over the weekend, this blog and the Letting the Smoke Out blog began a discussion about “the path of salvation.” We believe each other to be in error concerning the teaching of Scripture, for me because I see the Roman “authority” as false, and for LSO (my discussion partner’s nickname), he sees my understanding as terminally flawed because I do not submit to the authority of Rome/the  Magisterium/the Pope, etc.

Here are my opening remarks, and here are LSO’s – Please do read through and follow our discussion, we may not be doctors of theology, but I believe we are both passionate for truth and right understanding. ~Soli Deo Gloria~


I will be returning to begin my remarks on “The path to salvation.” LSO and I have very different beginning assumptions about authority, so our discussion may be limited; however, the “Word of God is powerful, sharper than any two-edged sword.” I know that if God’s Word is released, it will do its work – He has no need of my defense! May God’s will be done in this.

To be continued soon…


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3 thoughts on “Roman Catholic Opening Remarks

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