Reading the Cosmos to Read the Bible to Read the Cosmos to Know Truth to Know God to Know Self

Let's begin at the beginning...

I want to be a good reader – don’t you? How does one learn to read? That depends on what it is we are reading. If you are learning to read words, you first figure out how to sound out the letters and then whole words, sentences and off you go, you’re a reader… but you’re not really reading until you understand what is being said.

We are bound to look for meaning in all we read and observe. Why do you think we see ponies, castles, and witches faces in the clouds as we lie on the soft summer grass? That brings me to the other type of reading. We learn to read the world. Hence, the interpretation of the cosmos. The object of my writing this for you is to awaken in us both a wonder and excitement to understand the world. Yet if we step back a little more, we have to ask why – why are we drawn to read the world? The answer is that we were made to do so. The Creator of the world has hard-wired us to wonder and search and seek for answers to where we came from and why we are here.

aaand begin here too...

The point of that wiring is to bring us to Him. Anyone in their right mind will conclude that there is God and that He is good. This is where we need to read the Word. We cannot read the world without reading the Word of God, yet we cannot read the Word without understanding the world and its literature – most importantly the Bible.

I admit I am riding the literary coattails of someone I consider to be a genius author and thinker, Pastor Douglas Wilson, who would readily admit he is riding the coattails of the many who thunk our thoughts before we were born.

Here is the post from which I am borrowing heavily for this post of mine. You will be entirely edified by reading it – Pastor Douglas Wilson, Christ Church in Moscow, Idaho is giving a book review about Mark Driscoll’s new marriage book “Real Marriage,” but the content is so rich and applicable for the life of our minds… you just gotta read it. And then maybe you’ll read the world with a bit more literacy.

I’ll leave it at this for now: Let’s be excited to know we can find eternally significant reality in Reading the Cosmos to Read the Bible to Read the Cosmos to Know Truth to Know God and Self.

I’m really thankful to know how to read. Are you?

Thanks for reading,

-Justin (looking into the clouds)

Reading God's world and Word = fullness of knowledge

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7 thoughts on “Reading the Cosmos to Read the Bible to Read the Cosmos to Know Truth to Know God to Know Self

  1. Good post! I look forward to further “reading” – both of your blog, and of course, all the great books I allude to in that statement. By the way, have you ever heard of this one?

    • Ha! That is tremendous. You know what? I believe most Americans really do need a book like that. Thanks Aaron.

  2. paul

    I cant help but think, in this vast, limitless, universe, there must be INTELIGENT life out there, somwhere……..( besides GOD, of course….)

  3. O and by the way I liked this very much

    Good job,

    Your DaddyO

  4. That’s pretty exciting news and I really hope more people get to read this.

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