The Pleasures of Creation

The cosmos is a work of art on the grand, divine scale. We, as human beings created in the image and likeness of God are hard-wired to create art and expression. We each have a soul which is born bubbling over with creativity, some more than others, but we all are created with the desire to make beauty. Which of you who can create a tremendous rhyme, a realistic, emotion-filled drawing, or a heart-wrenching film won’t then stand back in surprise at the beauty which your own mind and hands created? WHAT is that?

What is it that the creation of art is getting at, or pointing to? Isn’t it a capturing of a piece of the brilliance of the cosmos? Don’t we look at the universe, become inspired, and then breathe out our interpretation into the artistic medium? Isn’t it that the artist has been affected by God’s artwork, and in response will create some of his own? Haven’t you ever been captured by a scene in nature which is almost terrifying in the scale of its beauty? Have you listened to a piece of music which simply forces you to weep? WHY is that? It’s because of the design of the Creator – He made us to be emotionally affected by His beauties in creation, and to be inspired to create our own renditions.

The writer, the painter, the architect, the playwright, the sculptor, and all of the other beauty-makers among us… are acting out the divine program of creation and passion for pleasure! We are made to find pleasure! The Bible clearly details that not only does God delight in His own artwork, but He is pleased when we create as well – and indeed art is not the end in itself, but the relationship to which it points. God and cosmos, painter and canvas, writer and paper, and all of us looking back to God the great Artist in gratitude for His gift. Every bit of art is meant to draw our attention ultimately to the genius and glory of God.

I’ll leave you with a little home-spun poem for His glory and for our mutual joy as writer and reader. Let’s interpret the art of the cosmos…


Cerulean dusky, symphony,

symphony, sound of the night,

Bright eye flashes to scan through the sights…

Skin of the jungle, exhaling delights..!

Torch in the deserts, passionate light,

passionate lights as lovers alight

with passionate songs of somatic delight

and trapped inward singing of overflow’s might…

Which might in its time bring awful delight.


Thanks for reading,



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