Sweet! Voddie Baucham on the Reliability of the Bible

If I had to make a short list of most gifted, intelligent, powerful pastors/thinkers alive today, Voddie Baucham would be at or right near the top.

In line with my recent posts on the Bible, this 5 part video is an excellent supplement to my discussions with you concerning the reliability of the biblical record. You won’t regret watching this – Pastor Baucham is very swift, humorous, and informative. After the end of the video, YouTube will place the next part in the series in the choices that pop up. Be sure to watch through at least the first 3.

Check. It. Out.

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2 thoughts on “Sweet! Voddie Baucham on the Reliability of the Bible

  1. Blog Reader

    Well that made my Sunday! Watched all 5 parts and enjoyed. Had to laugh when he talked about his desire for those like me who have had only 1 semester of philosophy to be banned from taking part in philosophical discussions! He mentioned the very words I’ve written here within the comments in this blog – the whole circular logic thing.

    His arguments on translation and “overzealous monks” were unfortunately somewhat weak. There are so many more factors to the translation issues other than what he took into account. And in a way his monk scenario worked against him.

    It was just plain goofy for him to say if you are hung up on the fact that men penned the bible then go burn all your books. That was a stupid thing to say.

    Did love his argument against ‘science’ and the scientific method as they relate to belief in the bible.

    This is a good blog and I am learning a lot. Thank you!

  2. Yes! You made my day again – if nobody else ever visited Interpreting the Cosmos, I would be eternally grateful for the help it has been to you. God bless!

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